International Color Quality Club contest

The International Color Quality Club (ICQC) 2020–2022, the only global print quality contest for newspapers and magazines, is back again, and the registration starts from 20th Aug 2019. The competition has been held every two years since 1994 and the upcoming edition for 2020–2022 will open for newspaper and magazine publishers across five different categories for the various print production process and product types. Early registering participants will get an opportunity to participate in a free test run during late 2019 and early 2020.

The objective of this contest is to prove and improve the quality of print reproduction while seeding the competitiveness and motivational thoughts among the workforce of the organisation. As the contest is aligned to ISO and WAN-IFRA standards and rules, it helps to adopt and implement international norms.

The print quality is judged in two aspects. Firstly, a given print control element is measured by colorimetric devices according to ISO 12347-3 standard targets. Secondly, the overall print quality is evaluated by an international jury, according to established criteria.

Publishers and printers can register one or more publication titles regardless of the printing technology. Publications that succeed the club membership are awarded in October 2020. Also, five time winners will be listed in “WAN-IFRA Star Club”. This is the “Hall of Fame” of the best publication printers in the world.

The upcoming edition of the Color Quality Club contest has significant changes in the procedures and it adds a whole lot of fresh flavors to the contest itself. So, what are these new additions in the contest?

Calendar re-defined to reduce effort and increase competitiveness

The contest period was reduced from three months to one month (March 2020) instead. So, the participant has to ship the contest sample copies only once instead of three earlier, which reduces the effort.

Flexibility meets comfortability

ICQC 2020–2022 offers a flexible print schedule that can be chosen by the participant. This will offer comfort to the participant to choose their own print week during March 2020 considering the print schedule, workloads and manpower.

A brand-new feel in the software

A new software interface that simplifies and enhances the inference to results. For example, an interactive 3D color gamut model is added in the web report, which can be rotated by 360 degrees to view the outlier portions of the printed color gamut against the target gamut. This will ease the visualisation in comparing two color spaces.

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sbr / 09/03/2019