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Sponsorship opportunities

The editorial team of the B2B Magazine Paperazzo brought the HAPTIK AWARD to life, because the haptic experience represents the last open channel for the transfer of messages. Only when media and print products achieve this successfully, can the people whose visual and auditory senses have long been overloaded, really 'feel' something. That means: only with the targeted use of haptic elements do paper and print products gain a competitive advantage compared to the internet & co.

The award thus contributes to the entire paper and print industry as well as to the exposure of the prize winners.

Main Sponsor      (EUR 2,500)

  • Logo placed on all correspondence, advertising, etc. of the Haptik Award (incl. signage at ceremony and all subsequent exhibitions)
  • Six tickets to the Awards ceremony Gala Dinner
  • Private breakfast, lunch (meeting, presentation) for clients at Haptik Award Venue / Paperazzo office during the Frankfurt Book Fair

Category Sponsor      (EUR 750)

  • Logo placed on correspondence relating to the event
  • Name associated with one award category
  • Name and logo placed on pedestal displaying winner at event (and subsequent exhibitions and trade shows, etc.)
  • Four tickets to the Awards ceremony Gala Dinner

Dinner or Music Sponsor      (EUR 350)

  • Mention and Name on Menu
  • Two tickets to the Awards ceremony Gala Dinner

Additional tickets EUR 75.- per person

Caterer: Kaefer
Capacity: 150 people
Time: 7:30 pm until 12:30 am
Band: Q2 (same as in previous year)

Logo Haptik Award 2013