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Paperazzo Haptik Award
The Paperazzo Haptik Award 2020

Deadline for the Haptik Award 2020 was October 1st. Tender documents are available here!

The editorial team of the B2B Magazine Paperazzo brought the Haptik Award to life, because the haptic experience represents the last open channel for the transfer of messages. Only when media and print products achieve this successfully, can the people whose visual and auditory senses have long been overloaded, really 'feel' something. That means: only with the targeted use of haptic elements do paper and print products gain a competitive advantage compared to the internet & co.
The idea of this prize is to present exceptional and high-quality paper and print products to the public and to demonstrate the attraction in comparison to digital media. The award thus contributes to the entire paper and print industry as well as to the exposure of the prize winners.

The Paperazzo Haptik Award is divided into 7 categories:

  • business stationery
  • invitation and greeting cards
  • business reports / image brochures / customer magazines / catalogues
  • packaging
  • books
  • direct mailing
  • next generation prize

The main focus of the Paperazzo Haptik Award is the challenge of a communication task which is not as usually solved by images, words and sounds but by haptic elements. Of course overall design is evaluated, but visual and haptic layout have to really complement one another.
The award is given to the teamwork of designer, client, printer and also paper. Many participants faced the challenging contest in the prior year with convincing, innovative and beautiful works.

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